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Whether you own a large company, a neighborhood store, run a web site, or are about to launch a product and are looking for affordable and effective ways to market your goods, ThessBook is there for you. ThessBook provides a neat space for your ad, and — given its installed base of over 30,000 — an audience comparable to that of an average daily newspaper.

Ads on ThessBook are often location-specific, allowing you to reach, for truly bargain prices, the people that are most important to you: those that happen to live or drive by your neighborhood.

Become a Sponsor of ThessBook

ThessBook Sponsor

One of the best ways to support ThessBook and promote your brand, products or services, is by becoming an ThessBook Sponsor. Sponsorships are annual and include a number of benefits ensuring high visibility, rich metrics and analytics on ThessBook use and additional unique offers for advertising on the GEO|ADS platform. You can sponsor the entire application, or a specific content category.

Get a Content Subscription

ThessBook Premium Content

If you have a business with physical points of presence in the Thessaloniki metropolitan area, you can also promote it through the ThessBook Content Subscription. The subscription, which can be purchased for six or twelve months, offers enhanced presence on ThessBook (including a larger cell and the addition of your logo in your ThessBook listing). If your business belongs to a new category that you wish to see added to our catalogue, let's talk!